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Floraliën, a floral event for a large audience !

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and Plants are at the heart of Horticulture and of Ghent Floralies.
We welcome requests from nurseries, specialist growers, plant communities and horticultural organizations with a passionate enthusiasm for growing flowers and plants, and with a desire to share this passion.

In 2020, Ghent Floralies is organizing a major event to:

°  a targeted audience of passionate plant lovers, connoisseurs or simple enthusiasts, being part of a group or alone, young or less young
°  public authorities (municipal, provincial, regional or federal administrations) and professionals

Ghent Floralies also ensures solid communication through a well-considered press campaign (written press, radio, television), social media, the diffusion of information via all members of its partners (associations and federations) and the Ghent Floralies Community, networking moments, personal VIP invitations and a new focus on the Ghent Floralies 2020 awards.

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Flemish horticulture & history
Ghent and its surroundings have been writing history for centuries in the field of flower and plant breeding. In the 16th century already, plants were cultivated in Ghent in orangeries, the forerunners of the current greenhouses. For many years, plants and herbs from different parts of the world have been imported and collected in the city.

The Flemish were considered the best nurserymen.

It is therefore not surprising that the Floralies festival originated in Ghent, the center of floriculture.


Flemish excellence
On 30 September 1838 was launched a 5-yearly major exhibition with an international jury to rate the plants. At the first edition in March 1839, as much as 3,722 plants were exhibited and 40 members of a jury coming from all over Europe assessed no less than 20 contests.


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