The 'Floralies' have a fascinating and flourishing history related to Ghent. They touch the heart of many people, including not only persons living in Ghent but all those who know Ghent as the 'flower city'. 

Ghent Floralies wishes to continue to inspire these people and therefore aims at a more permanent action. Small and large initiatives will be developed and we will participate in a number of projects with a focus on the value of plants as green and living building blocks. This way, we want to create and maintain a healthy, natural and sustainable environment.


When organizing these projects or participating in them, we always interact with social trends, both in urban or local contexts. The Floralies Community is our backbone here: a network of people with a heart for flowers and plants which is meant to initiate action.
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The organization behind the Ghent Floralies festival, the Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany (RSAB), exists for 208 years. The society owes its royal title to King William I, King of the Netherlands, who accepted to become its patron in 1815. The very first flower and plant exhibition was held in an inn in Ghent in 1809 and has since undergone spectacular growth and evolution. In 2016, the Floralies festival left the Flanders Expo halls and came back to the city.

In 2020, Ghent Floralies returns to its roots in the initial Floralies hall. Flowers and plants will be the central elements of the event again.



In the field of floriculture and plant-breeding, Ghent and its surroundings have been writing history for centuries. For many years, plants and herbs from different parts of the world have been imported and collected in the city, and Ghent became internationally renowned for that. It is therefore not surprising that the Floralies festival was created exactly in Ghent, the center of floriculture.


Mission – Motivation (who are we)

RSAB – Floralies wants to contribute to the happiness and well-being of people by inspiring them and supporting them in their need to create and maintain a healthy, natural and sustainable living and working environment.

That is why we encourage and promote the Horticulture of today and tomorrow, by spreading the value of flowers and plants – living building blocks for people and society – in all its forms and applications.


Vision – Dream for the future and contribution to society (what difference do we make)

° As a reference center, RSAB-Floralies wants to be a sustainable, connecting and central party, that brings together all stakeholders in and around the Horticulture sector, and a large audience.

° Our aim is to initiate or participate in events focusing on flowers and plants, their applications and innovations. By doing so, we wish to inform, inspire and engage participants/visitors in order to build a healthy, natural and sustainable environment.

° The permanent construction of an engaged, enthusiastic community of members, volunteers, sponsors and enthusiasts, who subscribe to our vision and values and who wish to actively contribute to them.

° The protection and unlocking of its heritage for all interested parties.


RSAB - Floralies gives Horticulture its broadest meaning, including (1) the production of all possible cultivated horticultural products, from cut flowers to pot plants over shrubs and trees in open ground; edible as well as non-edible and (2) all conceivable applications of these products in floristics, landscaping, urban horticulture, landscaping, forestry ... 

Similarly, the Belgian horticultural sector, or simply the Sector, is also given a broad meaning as follows: those who develop, produce and market horticulture products and their applications as a primary economic activity. (researchers, breeders, seeds and young plant companies, production companies, wholesale, garden centers and flower shops, florists, garden and landscape architects, garden contractors, new business models, ...)

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