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Floraliën Community

Floraliën is a / in movement

The 'floralies' have a fascinating and flourishing history associated to Ghent. They touch the heart of many people. Not only persons living in Ghent but including all those who know Ghent as the 'flower city'.

Floraliën flower festival has a solid reputation in Ghent. However, Floralies is much more than a four-yearly event. We continuously keep an active focus on flowers and plants, promoting a new and powerful vitality for the flower and plant region around the 'flower city of Ghent', an incentive as well for the entire Flemish floriculture sector.

Floraliën needs a large support

People – from Ghent, the region, the whole country –, organizations, governments and companies can all show their commitment through Floraliën Community. As a network, the Floraliën Community is meant to bring together everyone who has a heart for flowers and plants, and to initiate action.

In addition to the more permanent action of Floraliën and to participation in smaller or larger initiatives, the Community’s permanent focus is on the promotion of 'horticulture', flowers, plants and greenery. This is always done in interaction with social trends and with urban or local contexts. 

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